Sterlite Power is an integrated power transmission provider in a global market, focused on addressing complex challenges in the sector by tackling the key constraints. Sterlite Power established themself as the peer-to-peer business solution provider by designing, constructing, owning and operating power transmission assets across multiple geographies. It has vast number of subsidiaries close to thirty-nine, one associate firm and eight joint ventures.

In their solutions vertical, Sterlite specialize in providing remedial solution to overcome complex problem during power utilities, upgrading & strengthening power delivery networks. These technology-intensive solutions enable their customers to plan network expansions despite financial and geographical hinderance. They leverage their upper hand in the manufacturing capability of conductors, cables and optical ground wire (OPGW), as well as on-time delivery.

Sterlite power has an important role to play in helping their customers and communities by supplying them with essential power supply & are a setting new records in the power transmission infrastructure, with growing operations in India and Brazil.

Financial Highlights

  • Consolidated income for FY23 was at INR 6,452 crore from INR 5,995 million in FY22 registering 7% increase.
  • Consolidated EBITDA was INR 1,149 crore in FY23, facing a dropdown of 15% from INR 1,354 crore in FY22.
  • During the same period consolidated profit was INR (-33) crore in FY23 as compared to profit of INR 440 crore.
  • Standalone FY23 closed with Revenues of INR 3,923.51 crore, EBITDA of INR 557.90 crore & PAT of INR 322 crore.

Financial Figures (INR Crores)

DESCRIPTION Mar-23 Mar-22 Mar-21 Mar-20 Mar-19
Total Income 6,452 5995 3817 5158 3571
EBITDA 1150 1,354 1,793 2,406 450
PBT 230.4 657 1,159.31 1,337.41 -482.51
PAT -33 440.14 869.77 942.1 -523.71
Cash Flow from Operations -1,642.36 -287.85 553.31 -727.08 -630.3
Cash Flow from Investing 149.30 49.19 2,033.51 285 -2,036.25
Cash Flow from Finance 1,564.44 878.73 2,104.15 811.14 2997
EPS -2.67 35.97 142.16 169.04 -85
  • Increase in the debt-to-equity ratio is majorly on the account of new borrowing.
  • Net profit ratio increased on a standalone basis due to increase in overall revenue & better margin.

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Financial Ratios

DESCRIPTION Mar-23 Mar-22 Mar-21
Current Ratio 1.01 1.16 0.92
Debt Equity Ratio 0.26 0.13 2.53
Debt Service Coverage Ratio 2.01 2.54 1.65
Return on Equity Ratio 17 15 27
Inventory turnover ratio 5.67 10.19 5.68
Net Profit Ratio 8 6 12
Return on Investment 3 7 11

Sterlite Power major driving force for revenue generation comes from the contracts & services provided to the customers, sale of products along with engineering procurement, construction & several overseas projects. It has a strong presence in the power conductor and cable manufacturing business, with 20% and 10% market share, respectively. It also upgrades the existing transmission network under the master system integration (MSI) division, where it has close to 50% market share of intra-state transmission space.

Power Sector & Transmission glance

Transmission system plays an important role in supply of power to the consumers through the vital link between the generating stations and the distribution system. With rising demand from both domestic and international market, it is quintessential to protect & progress simultaneously for reliability. Power transmission and distribution equipment market has become enormous, and it is estimated to be USD 257 billion market in 2022 & estimated to reach USD 312 billion by 2026 at a staggering CAGR of 4.8%.

Sterlite Power is also a renounced name in the field of power transmission infrastructure with projects of ~13,700 circuit km (ckm) and 26,100 mega-volt ampere (MVA) in India and Brazil. Its portfolio consists of power conductors, extra-high voltage (EHV) cables and optical ground wire (OPGW) apart from offering solutions & building network across 60 countries.

Sterlite Asset Portfolio across India & Brazil


Domestic Market

As per the latest report published by Central Electricity Authority, the electricity generation target (Including renewable energy) for the year 2023-24 has been fixed as 1750 billion Unit (BU). i.e., growth of around 7.2% over actual generation of 1624.158 BU for the previous year (2022-23). The generation during 2022-23 was 1624.158 BU as compared to 1491.859 BU generated during 2021-22, representing a growth of about 8.87%.

The electricity generation target for the year 2023-24 was fixed at 1750 BU comprising of 1324.110 BU Thermal; 156.700 BU Hydro; 46.190 Nuclear; 8 BU Import from Bhutan and 215 BU RES (Excl. Large Hydro).

Total Generation & Growth over previous year in India

image image

Sharholding Pattern

Majority of stake is hold by the promoters (74.32%) and rest is for public shareholders (25.68%)

Key Personnel

Pravin Agarwal - Chairman

Pratik Agarwal – Managing Director

Manish Agarwal – Whole Time Director & CEO of Global Products & Services

Sanjeev Bhatia – Group CFO

Arun Sharma – Interim CEO of Transmission, India

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