Signify is the world leader in lighting business. They provide their consumers with quality products and services apart from that their connected lighting offers light and the data which they collect from devices, places and people - redefining what light can do and how people use it. Their research and development team helped them to innovate & contributed to a safer, smarter & sustainable world.

Prior to renaming Signify, it used to operate under the name of Philips Lighting but rebranded itself as an internal move & understand how smart lighting products connected with the consumers will bring in significant change in the lighting business forever. Signify strategic direction has been reinforced around five frontiers, which focuses on being even more customer centric, delivering differentiated offers, driving growth for sustainability, digitalizing and transforming for the future, and being a great place to work. They continues to dominate the LED market in India & successfully launched new products in recent times with their sensor LED light and hexagon shaped downlight.

Brands under Signify

Philips, Interact, Philips Dynalite, Philips Hue (personal wireless lighting), Color Kinetics, Ecolink, Trulifi, Varilite

Financial Highlights

In FY23 Signify India has registered an upward swing of 11.2% (FY22 - growth of 12%) on account of resumption of all business activities, it generated an EBIT of INR 362 crore (FY22 - INR 305 crore) and a net cash outflow of INR 14.3 crore (Previous year - Net Cash inflow of INR 312 crore). The Company has not made any major fund-based borrowings in this year and has managed working capital requirements from internal cash generation. Capital expenditure during the year was INR 54.8 crore (FY22- INR 26.3 crore) and this was incurred towards investment in new plant, machinery and IT equipment’s etc.

Financial Figures (INR Crore)

DESCRIPTION Mar-23 Mar-22 Mar-21 Mar-20 Mar-19 Mar-18
Revenue 3,129.6 2824.4 2515.7 2919.5 3592.7 3531
PBT 353.2 315 342.6 276 295.9 282.6
PAT 266.7 231.9 267.6 181.7 197.5 190.8
Cash Flow from Operations 286.7 100.5 576.2 41.8 253.5 187.7
Cash Flow from Investing -34.5 -8.5 100 -100.7 2.5 -8.5
Cash Flow from Finance -266.5 -398.3 -77 -203.8 -115.6 -142.4
Current Ratio 1.34 1.40 1.51 1.36 1.37 1.29
EPS 46.36 40.32 46.54 31.60 34.35 33.18

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  • Return on Equity in FY23 registered as 0.1 which is similar to last year.
  • Inventory turnover ratio for FY23 is 1.5 as compared to FY22 where it recorded 1.6.
  • Net profit ratio for fiscal 2023 is recorded as 0.1.

The LED transformation of the company continues, with LED products now constituting 86% of the total sales revenue. They also entered the fans category for the first time under the name of EcoLink brand by expanding the vertical beyond lighting and switching. To tap into this growing opportunity, Philips expanded their Philips Smart Light Hubs network to 274 stores across the country and added switches and 3D printed luminaires portfolio in these stores.

They won prestigious sports lighting projects on multiple venues & indoor stadiums, in addition to other significant projects with the likes of JCB, Metro Rail, Qualcomm, TCS and NHAI, to name the few. They continue to make the world a safer place with UVGI systems that are installed in a building’s HVAC system and constantly purify the indoor air.

Shareholding Pattern

Signify Holding B.V (Promoters) holds majority of the shares of the company - 96.13%

Key Personal

Mr. Mahesh Iyer – Chairman

Mr. Sumit Joshi – Managing Director and CEO

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