Mohan Meakin is a big player in spirits segment & is more profoundly known for their dark rums (old monk). Its portfolio has remarkable presence & recognition across rum & beer. From century old history to introducing latest innovative products & striving to be best. It is primarily engaged in the business of manufacturing beer of all types and Indian made brands including premium rums, whiskies, brandy, vodka and gin. In addition to this, it also manufactures juices, canned products, corn flakes, wheat porridge and vinegars.

Product Lines

Alcoholic Products

Whiskies- Colonel’s Special, Summer Hall, Black Knight, Solan Number One

Rums – Old Monk Supreme Rum, Old Monk Gold Reserve Rums, Old Monk XXX Rum, Old Monk White Rum

Brandies – DM, MMB, Golden Eagle, Nautilus, Triple Crown

Gin – Jamun, Big Ben

Vodka – Knight Rider Premium, Knight Rider (Green Apple, Orange, Lemon)

Beers – Golden Eagle Lager, Gymkhana Premium Lager, Asia 72 Extra Strong, Meakins 10000, Solan 1

Non- Alcoholic Products

Juice- Mohun’s Gold Coin Apple Juice

Vinegars – Mohun’s Brewed Vinegar, Mohun’s Non- Fruit Vinegar

Miner Water – Golden Eagle Mineral Water, Mohun’s Mineral Water

Breakfast Food – Mohun’s Classic Corn Flakes, Wheat Dalia, Poha

Financial Highlights

Mohan Meakin’s revenue streams come out from following activities: –

  • Manufacturing and sale of alcoholic products, Matured Spirits like rums, whiskies, beers, brandies & gin.
  • Manufacturing and sale of non-alcoholic products like breakfast food, mineral water, vinegar & juices
  • Royalty and firm’s technical ability capability which allows them bottling & manufacturing products throughout India.
  • Total income grew by 29% from INR 1,379 crores (FY22) to INR 1,778 crores (FY23).
  • Net Profit synced with overall revenue & grew by 33% from INR 51.45 crore (FY22) to INR 68.4 crore (FY23).
  • Revenue from operation mainly generated from the alcoholic products (98%) & non-alcoholic products contributed close to (2%).

Financial Figures (INR Crore)

DESCRIPTION Mar-23 Mar-22 Mar-21 Mar-20 Mar-19
Total Income 1,778.58 1,379.37 1,101.87 1,027.78 954.13
PBT 91.79 68.98 51.13 42.10 49.53
PAT 68.4 51.45 40.31 26.41 33.15
Cash Flow from Operations 41.98 47.68 29.70 14.22 49.36
Cash Flow from Investing -51.68 -40.02 -8.64 -8.76 -23.42
Cash Flow from Financing -0.5 -1.01 -9.19 -4.67 -20.43
Debt to Equity 0.08 0.02 0.03 0.11 0.18
Current Ratio 2.35 2.09 1.76 1.47 1.25
EPS 80.38 60.47 47.00 31.00 38.00

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Mohan Meakin has been exporting its products to 16 countries i.e., U.A.E., Qatar, Russia, Singapore, Malaysia, Germany, New Zealand, Canada, UK, Australia, Estonia, USA, Ukraine, Zambia, Oman, Japan & furthermore exploring the opportunities to increase the export to other countries as the products of the company are very popular in overseas market.

India’s alcohol market is categorised into two kinds of liquor – Indian made Indian liquor and Indian made foreign liquor. This was in addition to beer, wine and other imported alcohol. Country liquor accounted for the highest market share, while spirits took up the majority of the consumption market. Alcohol consumption in India amounted to about five billion litres in 2020 and was estimated to reach about 6.21 billion litres by 2024. The increase in consumption of the beverages can be attributed to multiple factors including high disposable income, growing urban population & socializing among others. With brand loyalty reaching new heights and significant distribution channel, Mohan Meakin has strengthened its position in the market and expanded its margins. Government easing out the licencing permits for opening wine shops directly helped the firm to boost their sales figures.


Liquor industry might be facing a wrath of domestic & foreign rules which tend to dictate the rules of various state governments & local regulators shows that they do not allow free flow of alcohol manufactured in other states by putting restrictions and imposing exorbitant import fee as a result it creates hindrance. Moreover, due to unabated rise in price of supply chain, the logistic issues and different regulatory norms applicable in different states with the result that sending the goods from one corner of the country to the other has become a costly affair.

Major Shareholders

Trade Links Private Limited – 27.84%, Hemant Mohan- 11.96%, Life Insurance of India – 8.38%, Vinay Mohan – 8.23%

Key Personnel

Mr. Hemant Mohan – Managing Director

Mr. Rajesh Kedia – Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Minas Kumar – Company’s Secretary

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