Merino is a versatile manufacturer and marketer of Interiors Solutions with a wide array of products for homes, offices, commercial and public areas. Decades of strong market presence have created a high brand recall among various customer segments. Tapping the synergy of our products and services, we achieve a competitive advantage through technology innovation and by delivering greater customer satisfaction.


Company operates mainly in the following three segments, namely, manufacturing of Laminates, Potato Flakes and Panel Products & Furniture. In Interior Solutions, plywood is successfully established the reputation for their good quality and service.

Merino recorded a total revenue of INR 1,796.24 crore as compared to INR 1,338.86 crore in the previous year. The profit before tax was INR 17,5.08 crore as compared to INR 176.92 crore in the previous year. The Company’s net profit after taxes stood at INR 132.22 crore as against INR 131.86 crore last year.

Financial Highlights (In Crore)

DESCRIPTION Mar-22 Mar-21 Mar-20 Mar-19 Mar-18
Revenue 1796.24 1338.85 1492.22 989.99 823.99
PBT 175.08 176.92 159.16 116.59 94.84
PAT 132.22 131.86 129.43 85.89 67.51
Cash Flow from Operations 74.54 330.71 169.87 97.84 56.51
Cash Flow from Investing -126.36 -267.97 -131.90 -80.65 -45.94
Cash Flow from Finance activities 60.64 -71.02 -21.88 -20.92 -12.81
Debt to Equity 0.28 0.17 0.29 0.35 0.45
Current Ratio 1.39 1.61 1.65 1.38 1.41
EPS 118.28 117.25 115.78 82.83 65.10

Face Value per share is INR 10 per share.

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In Information Technology Services, Merino Services Limited is a Business Consulting and IT Services organization providing value-added services as a Partner-in-Progress with our esteemed customers and business associates. We specialize in design/implementation of various business solutions for our customers.

In the Agro Business, the Merino Group began in the cold storage business and subsequently diversified into farming, biotechnology and food processing. Our integrated approach enables us to offer customers the complete range - from raw material to finished product. Our integration in both directions - forward and backward - has shaped our brand initiative in the FMCG market where we have launched potato flakes and ready to eat snack mixes under the brand name 'Vegit'.

Laminate Market Size


Growth Factor

The rapid urbanization of Indian cities in the last three decades to accommodate the rising population which recently overtook China in numbers & expected to be 1.52 billion by 2036. Also with real estate development projects boosted by ongoing demand and regulatory backing with government scheme like Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY) for first time buyer will help to flourish this vertical along with positive outlook towards the industry.

Merino specialty in ongoing release of their new products which are aligned to international trends and market demand. Over the years, their innovations have been continuously well received by the industry critics. There objectives is to maximize the product value, affordability and deal fairly to build a long relationships.

Key Personnel

Shri Rup Chand Lohia – Executive Chairman

Shri Prakash Lohia – Managing Director

For any queries, reach out to: unlisted@rurashfin.com or Call: +91 224157 1111