MKCL designs, develops and deploys state-of-the-art eLearning, eGovernance and eEmpowerment innovations, strategies, models, frameworks, technologies, products, processes, solutions and services at affordable costs for the people. Maharashtra Knowledge Corporation Limited was promoted by the Department of Higher and Technical Education, Government of Maharashtra, India. MKCL has attained a unique identity as an organization capable of universalization and integration of Information Technology for effective transformations in various walks of life.

MKCL brought the paradigm shift in education sector by filling the digital gap. It also integrated and covered the socio-economic gap with the help of IT in teaching and learning pattern. It’s agenda to provide appropriate solution and services for accessing education at affordable rate irrespective of place without compromising the quality of the product makes them unique. In order to grow, MKCL decided to do strategic partnerships with organizations having complementary strengths. So as to network with all available resources such as infrastructural, financial, human, intellectual, educational, developmental and organizational resources.

With its range of products and services, MKCL has emerged as a fast-track IT enabler or IT integration partner or business process re-engineering partner and knowledge partner or digital transformation catalyst of the educational institutions ranging from schools to universities as well as of the government, semi-government and private organizations & also for the community development organizations and charitable foundations.


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Financial Highlights

Total Income for the year ended March 31, 2022 amounted to Rs.15,195.51 Lakhs as against Rs.10,489.02 Lakhs for the corresponding previous year, the increase in total income is Rs.4,706.49 Lakhs i.e. 44.87% over last year.

Revenue from operations for the F.Y.2021-22 is Rs.12,017.23 Lakhs as against Rs.6,837.70 Lakhs in the previous F.Y.2020-21 i.e. increase of Rs.5,179.53 Lakhs i.e.75.75% over last year. The total learners count in F.Y. 2021-22 was 4,81,786 learners as against the learners count of 3,17,532 learners in F.Y. 2020-21, so there was a comparative increase of 1,64,254 Learners in F.Y. 2021-22 as compared to F.Y. 2020-21 which increased the revenue by approximately INR 2,283.13 lakhs.

Financial data

DESCRIPTION Mar-22 Mar-21 Mar-20 Mar-19 Mar-18 Mar-17
Total Revenue 15195.51 10489.02 20076.48 19007.16 17663.44 14394.00
PBT 4791.04 2053.56 6887.42 6087.91 4721.17 3663.03
PAT 3867.65 1705.04 5351.90 4506.82 3280.01 2611.82
Cash Flow from Operations -569.37 -1492.49 874.71 1888.61 1816.39 -240.71
Cash Flow from Investing -694.50 2157.12 571.18 -1904.67 1713.33 1771.24
Cash Flow from Financing -103.84 -216.22 -412.20 -237.54 -194.50 -194.50
EPS 47.87 21.10 66.23 55.78 40.59 32.32

Face Value of share in INR 10/share.


MKCL is debt-free and maintains sufficient cash to meet its strategic objectives. They had Cash and Cash Equivalents of Rs.509.84 Lakhs as against Rs.1,877.55 Lakhs as compared with previous year end. Turnover grew from Rs. 200 million in 2002-03 to Rs. 1519.55 million in 2021-22 gives a confidence to state established enterprises. It paid Rs. 3002.07 million to Government of Maharashtra (GoM) in last twenty-one years by way of dividend, examination fees, SGST, etc. as against GoM’s equity of Rs.30 million. Also added Rs. 2473.72 million to Government of India in last twenty-one years by way of Service tax, VAT, Works Contract Tax, Dividend Distribution Tax, IGST & CGST etc.

It has strong hold with more than 5000 learning centers (ALC’s) across Maharashtra. MKCL’s home-grown eLearning platform viz. ERA (eLearning Revolution for ALL) is a light-weight quasi-online as well as online Learning Management System. MS-CIT is well known IT literacy course and subscribed by millions of learner to educate & skill up their digital literacy. The firm also takes care of pre and post examinations work for almost all the courses conducted by various universities. Going forward it seems clear that MKCL will be banking on gradual organic and in-organic growth due to huge numbers of e-learner and students rallying up to academic institutions.

MKCL knowledge Foundation is the 100% subsidiary of the company. Apart from that, it has three joint ventures Odisha Knowledge Corporation (OKCL), Haryana Knowledge Corporation (HKCL) & MKCL Arabia Limited and statewide project with government of Rajasthan, Odisha, Haryana, Bihar, Assam etc.

Major Shareholders

Govt of Maharashtra, Babasaheb Ambedkar University (Aurangabad), Savitribai Phule Pune University, University of Mumbai, Amravati University, Nagpur University, Shivaji University (Kolhapur), North Maharashtra University (Nanded), Marathwada University (Nanded) etc.

Key Personnel

Dr. Anil Kakodkar – Chairman

Ms Veena Kamath – Managing Director

Mr. Manoj Narvekar – Chief Financial Officer

For any queries, reach out to: unlisted@rurashfin.com or Call: +91 224157 1111