Lava International Limited is a leading end-to-end focused mobile handset and mobile handset solutions provider. Lava started its operation from 2009, settling its base in India and running operations in several countries. Lava International Limited’s corporate office and its manufacturing and repair facility is in Noida, Uttar Pradesh. As of latest report, the manufacturing facility had an aggregate production capacity of 42.52 million feature phone equivalent handsets per annum.

Product Line

Smartphones, Featurephones, Tablets & Accessories

Financial Highlights

On a standalone basis, Lava has earned revenue from its operations worth of INR 1,822.23 crore (FY22), which is 12.7% higher as compared to previous year revenue from its operation of INR 1,616.68 crore (FY21). However, the profit before tax during the FY22 stood at INR 56.41 crores as compared to last year profit before tax of INR 51.88 crores.

During the same time on a consolidation basis, it has managed to earn from its operational activities around INR 5,877.65 crores, 6.6% higher as compared to FY21 revenue of INR 5,512.87 crores. Further the profit before tax on consolidated basis during the FY22 stood at INR 203.11 crores as compared to previous year profit before tax of INR 183.43 crores. Profit after tax grew by 8.3% to register net profit of INR 186 crores.

Financial Figures (INR Crores)

DESCRIPTION Mar-22 Mar-21 Mar-20 Mar-19 Mar-18 Mar-17
Total Income 5,898.01 5,523.68 5,282.45 5,111.00 4,817.72 5,923.13
Total Expenditure 5,553.98 5,272.46 5,083.19 4,945.57 4,640.30 5,605.27
PBT 203.11 183.43 127.21 81.56 88.13 229.10
PAT 186.87 172.61 108.33 73.53 54.99 158.98
Cash Flow from Operating 55.32 151.78 -132.73 -278.06 -58.01 284.60
Cash Flow from Investing -210.99 -95.15 56.61 345.66 -124.30 -278.45
Cash Flow from Financing 164.31 -49.10 1.81 -264.65 318.05 -16.52
Free Cash flow -152.23 57.52 -181.85 -283.43 -103.68 186.77
Debt to Equity 0.14 0.07 0.13 0.13 0.35 0.29
Current Ratio 2.58 2.74 2.20 2.16 1.52 1.47
EPS 3.45 3.46 2.16 1.47 1.15 3.18

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Lava has always been at the forefront of Govt. of India’s “Make in India” initiative. Lava was the first mobile brand to take a lead in support of this important nation-building program and had set up a design team in India, becoming the first brand to design phones in the country. It is having in-house technical department which keep on updating with the latest technology available in market related to mobile industry & recent possessing of DRM & camera algorithm implies their far sightedness towards their products. It has also collaborated with the likes of Nokia & Ericsson in India for their mutually benefits from each other presence by keeping the operational expense at a threshold level. Furthermore, it has unheartened new territory by exporting its material considering the rise in demand of mobile handset products. It is specifically focusing on East Asia & African region to establish their product line.

Indian consumer market is ruled by the likes of Samsung, Vivo, Xiaomi (Poco), Oppo (OnePlus), Realme, etc. which is troublesome for an Indian mobile manufacturer. However, scuffle at the border and government tightening grip on cyber security can bring sanctions on BBK Electronics (parent of Oppo, Vivo, Realme) which will be blessing in disguise for Indian brands to flourish & fill the void. Introduction of 5-G technology, digital revolution & affordable internet will shoot the sales volume of smartphones. This is projected to grow further with rising population & new trend of keeping multiple phones by an individual.


Lava has 9 subsidiaries, 1 joint venture & 1 associate firm.

Major Shareholders

Hari Om Rai (33.33%), Sunil Bhalla (20.99%), Vishal Sehgal (16.34%), Shailendra Rai (8.68%), Shibani Sehgal (5.37%), Clipper Global SA (5.15%)

Key Personnel

Hari Om Rai – Chairman & MD

Sunil Bhalla– Co-Founder & Director

Shailendra Nath Rai– Co-founder & Whole Time Director

Sunil Raina – President and Business Head

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