API holdings is the holding entity for the PharmEasy group and is India's leading digital healthcare platform. Company owns the PharmEasy brand which is a healthcare super app for consumers providing online pharmacy, OTC, teleconsultations, diagnostics services; D2C capabilities for offline pharmacies. Launched in 2015, PharmEasy is India's leading and most trusted online health aggregator in the country.

PharmEasy sells medicines and healthcare products, aids in connecting with local pharmacy stores and diagnostic centers to fulfil extensive medical needs, thereby enabling patients to receive healthcare services that are easily available, affordable, and accessible.

It is a Developer of online drug delivery platform designed to improve the supply chain of pharmaceuticals by completely digitizing the process.

PharmEasy parent API Holdings delayed its IPO plan for the time being. Instead, the company is trying to raise $200 million through private placements.

PharmEasy parent API Holdings delayed its IPO plan for the time being. Instead, the company is trying to raise $200 million through private placements.



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Siddharth Shah

Co-Founder, Managing Director, and Chief Executive Officer

Dharmil Sheth

Co-Founder and Whole-time Director

Harsh Parekh

Co-Founder and Whole-time Director

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Approximate Valuation

Rs 24,100 crores

Face value

Rs 1 per share


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