Nayara Energy is one of the largest fuels retailing private player, it is focusing on to expand and meet the booming demand by taking various measures to make their network future adaptive, which includes non-fuel retail opportunities, mobility solutions, alternate fuels including CNG, battery swapping and EV Charging points. Multiple Non-Fuel Retail (NFR) opportunities are identified under food, auto services and other services categories.

It manages to achieve biodiesel blending despite certain challenges in the market like procuring of raw material, setting up of infrastructure & water arrangement. As a long-term initiative & complying it with regulatory norms, it is planning to invest into ethanol manufacturing plants. As an initial step, it has also proposed to invest in such plants within the next half a decade. Recently, it launched new products such as Light Sulphur Heavy Stock (LSHS) and Polymer Modified Bitumen (PMB).

Financial Highlights

On a standalone basis, revenue from operations accounted for INR 1,37,821.3 crore for FY23, compared to INR 1,19,689.4 crore in FY22. During the same time, EBITDA reached new heights by accumulating growth of 261%, which accounted for INR 18,311.2 crore in FY23 and INR 5,067.5 crore in FY22.

Profit After Tax of INR 9,591.6 crore in FY23 against a PAT of INR 1,029.9 crore in FY22. Out of total circulation of products in domestic and foreign market around 40% of their products are exported and traded internationally while 60% is consumed in an Indian domestic market.

Financial Figures (INR Crore)

  • Current ratio for FY23 is 0.96 as compared to 0.73 in FY22.
  • Debt Equity ratio for FY23 is 0.24 as compared to 0.38 in FY22.
  • Return on Equity in FY23 is 36.62% as compared to 4.85 % in FY22.
  • Net Profit Margin for FY23 is 6.96% as compared to 0.86% in FY22.

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Financial Figures (INR Crore)

Description FY23 FY22 FY21 FY20 FY19 FY18
Revenue from Operations 1,38,112.50 1,19,690.20 87,500.60 99,868.30 98659.4 85528
Total Income 1,38,866.30 1,20,004.80 88,565.60 1,00,549.90 1,00,313.2 86,692.7
PBT 12,534.60 1,221.00 -283.50 977.70 1,054.4 1,070.4
PAT 9,426.20 921.00 458.20 2,500.00 688.5 577
Cash Flow from Operation 18,018.70 1,352.60 1,831.50 12,612.10 22,41.9 10,482.48
Cash Flow from Investing -4,903.90 -1,903.40 -410.50 -716.70 326.2 590.21
Cash Flow from Financing -7,208.10 -1,470.60 -1,060.60 -9,469.20 -4,494.3 -10,216.9
EPS 63.24 6.18 3.07 16.61 4.55 3.86


Indian economy turned out to be good in terms of numbers & leading future growth projection for upcoming years. It is on road to become the world’s third largest economy by 2030, on the basis of global trends and key investments in infrastructure, space, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, banking and financial service and Information technology. It has witnessed steady rise in the growth of rail freight, cargo, aviation & defence equipment manufacturing in last couple of years, a strong recovery registered in automobile sales, specifically in passenger vehicles, tractors and 3-wheelers. The agriculture sector also continued to show resilience, posting a strong 3.6% growth for the 5th straight year. IIP is showing consistent upward trend with steel consumption, cement production and other underlying metrics showing a holistic growth.

Global Oil and Gas industry witnessed high volatility in prices of crude oil and finished product post pandemic due to supply chain, Russia-Ukraine conflict & unrest in middle east. India which is highly dependent on imports of a significant portion to meets its crude oil requirement faces this unprecedented situation. At the same time, prices of petrol and diesel movement in India is dictated by open market i.e., international market movement which is also decided by additional indirect taxes & state govt surcharges to come up with final price in domestic region.

India registered a growth of 4.8% in the total petroleum oil and lubricants (POL) production during FY’23 over the previous year. The consumption of petroleum products during this period was at a volume of 222.3 MMT & reported a growth of 10.2% compared to the volume of 201.7 MMT during the same period of the previous year. This growth was led by 13.4% growth in motor spirit, 12% in high-speed diesel & 47.1% in aviation turbine fuel consumption besides FO/Low Sulphur Heavy Stock, Petcoke, LPG and others during the period.

Total Crude oil processed during Aug 2023 was 21.9 MMT which is 12.2% higher than August 2022. Where PSU and Joint Venture refiners processed 14.7 MMT and Private refiners processed 7.2 MMT of crude oil. Total indigenous crude oil processed was 2.1 MMT and total imported crude oil processed was 19.8 by all Indian Refineries including public sector, joint venture & private parties. Whereas Nayara domestic refinery processed 18.69 MMT of crude achieving approx. 93% capacity utilisation.

Nayara Energy is working on mixed source of energy provider & working on the green transition as an alternative opportunity for sustainable and inclusive growth. It has over 1,000 retail outlets and two Nayara owned depots that have solar installations along with a planned pilot capacity of 10 MW solar generation at their refinery. It is also commissioning, a 500-kW captive solar power plant at their newly established rail-fed fuel depot.

It is exploring various initiatives to expand their network & keep it future ready, which includes non-fuel retail opportunities, mobility solutions, alternate fuels including CNG, battery swapping and EV Charging points. Multiple Non-Fuel Retail (NFR) opportunities are identified under food, auto services and other services categories.

Major Shareholder

Rosneft Singapore Pte Limited and Kesani Enterprises Limited continue to hold 49.13% shareholding each in Nayara Energy Limited.

Key Personnel

Prasad k Panicker - Chairman & Head of Refinery

Alois Virag - Chief Executive Officer

Rajani Kesari - Chief Financial Officer

For any queries, reach out to: unlisted@rurashfin.com or Call: +91 224157 1111