Chennai Super Kings Cricket Limited owns and operates the Chennai franchise of BCCI-IPL T20 Cricket League namely “Chennai Super Kings” from The India Cements Limited on 20th February 2015.

Chennai Super King was incorporated in year 2008 and was the early participant for an inaugural season of IPL (Indian Premier League). CSK is one of the most widely supported cricket clubs across the globe and has been a successful team in the history of IPL. The club has lifted seven silverware (five times IPL & twice Champions League) and five times runner up in 14 seasons that they have participated in IPL (16 seasons).

Team Titles Runner-up Seasons won Seasons runner-up Seasons Played
CSK 5 5 2010, 2011, 2018, 2021, 2023 2008, 2012, 2013, 2015, 2019 14

CSK Cricket Limited revenue comes from the brand name “CSK” which is synonymous with success & attracts various sponsors to associate with them. Revenue generated from sponsorship income, brand promotional activities, gate collection, sale of merchandise and the Central Rights including the participation fees and prize money for a season is accrued and accounted for during this period.

Financial Details (INR Crore)

DESCRIPTION Mar-23 Mar-22 Mar-21 Mar-20 Mar-19 Mar-18 Mar-17 Mar-16
Gross Sales 292.34 349.14 247.83 350.27 410.57 2.85 2.95 170.93
PBT 70.52 40.74 59.2 67.25 156.87 -1.07 -1 20.04
PAT 52.17 31.54 40.26 50.34 111.2 -0.51 -1 13.1
Cash Flow from Operations 94.95 16.08 36.88 83.71 6.14 68.72 -2.37 18.58
Cash Flow from Investing -195.08 3.16 1 -135.11 2.56 1.22 11.34 0.23
Cash Flow from Finance -9.79 -5.68 -5.26 -5.37 -5.68 63.71 0 -22.9
Debt to Equity 0.22 0.26 0.3 0.37 0.52 4.54 0 0
Current Ratio 1.41 1.46 4.44 4.12 1.48 1.71 10.23 6.43
EPS 1.7 1.02 1.31 1.63 3.61 -0.02 -0.03 0.43

The expenses were majorly attributed to remuneration, franchisee fees, administrative & tournament expenses. The company is ventured into building up of development of a high-performance and other academics centers into pan India. The training facility will also have a sports complex and a cricket ground for Chennai Super Kings to have their pre-match practice sessions.

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The Company acquired a “Joburg Super Kings” in the T20 domestic league conducted by Cricket South Africa and “Texas Super Kings” in Major League Cricket, USA.

Super king Ventures Private Limited (SVPL) was incorporated as its wholly owned subsidiary on 15.02.2022 and started its operations later that year. It also runs cricket academy in various places within Tamil Nadu & planning to expand more in near future. SVPL made an operating loss of INR 645.17 Lakhs mainly due to one-time costs on account of setting up the academies.

The rise & future for CSK looks bright despite witnessing their MVP like Dhoni at the fag end of his cricketing career. But IPL, being a phenomenal brand and formidable force, added a whooping sum of INR 8 billion by sponsors, broadcasting rights etc., which helped all the teams participating in the tournament. Also, young talented players chipping in very well with their respective assigned roles, contributed in lifting of a coveted silverware this season & caught the eyes of the national selectors and young fan base across the country.

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CSK Sponsors

TVS Tyres, India Cement, Gulf, British Empire, Jio, Astral Pipes, Nippon Paint, SNJ 10000, Aqilliz, ICICI Bank, FanCraze, Fanplay.



EWS Finance & Investment, Indian Cements, LIC, Sri Saradha Logistics, Rupa Gurunath Trustee.

Key Personnel

Sri. R. Srinivasan – Chairman

Sri. K. S. Viswanathan – Director & CEO


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