Capgemini Technology Services India Limited, a subsidiary of French giant Capgemini SE provides a communications software for the industry. The company offers middleware, consumer and enterprise applications, network management, service provisioning, and billing mediation.

Capgemini, which is known worldwide for its consulting, IT services & digital transformation serves equipment manufacturers, network management and protocols device manufacturers, and multimedia service providers. It has positioned itself as a global digital leader in integrated design and engineering services, primarily serving clients of the communications and technology, semiconductor and software industries.

Its expertise in design and engineering capabilities to help its clients get to the market faster by solving the tedious problem in today’s rapidly changing & connected world. It transformed legacy products to digital and created new revenue opportunities with their outstanding knowledge and intellectual property for the telecom, software and semiconductors industries. It also has experience in shaping large engineering outsourcing deals and capabilities in key emerging technologies including AI, Cognitive Systems, Internet of Things and software frameworks.

Financial Highlights (INR Crores)

  • Revenue and other income of the firm was INR 28,349 crore as against INR 23,003.1 crore in the FY22, showing a growth of 23.24% over the previous year.
  • On a standalone basis, it has earned net profit of INR 2,962.7 crore as against INR 2,488.6 crore in the previous year.
  • Return on Equity for the fiscal 2023 is 18.06% as against 17.05% in FY22.
  • Debt to Equity for FY23 period is 0.04 compared to 0.05 in FY22.
  • Debt service coverage ratio for FY23 is 13.73 as against 11.50 in FY22.
  • It derives its revenue majorly from rendering IT, IT related services and business process outsourcing services.

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Financial Figures (INR Crore)

DESCRIPTION Mar-23 Mar-22 Mar-21 Mar-20 Mar-19 Mar-18
Revenue from Operations 27,875.4 22,628.8 17,648.3 15,171.5 13,577.7 12,817.4
Total Income 28,385.3 23,065 18,045.8 15,749.1 14,017.1 13,215.5
PBT 3,973.3 3,180.4 2,614.1 2419.5 2077.6 1,959.2
PAT 3,174.8 2,307 1,690.1 1,656.9 1,572.1 1,425.4
Cash Flow from Operations 3,303.1 1,907.9 2,458.3 1,858.2 1,448.7 1,730.8
Cash Flow from Investing -2,572.5 -1,638.9 -2,769 -1,976 -90.8 -2,318.9
Cash Flow from Finance -496.9 -446.3 -332.5 -230.5 -1.3 -2.8
Current Ratio 4.46 3.66 3.45 4.49 4.59 3.83
EPS 499.85 419.87 285.21 280.17 265.83 241.03


CTSIL heavily invested on acquisition of multiple firms & R&D wing to become a global leader in engineering services with unique and differentiated innovation, It shares deep ties and a common objective of becoming a prominent service provider to following industries:- automotive, aeronautics, space, defense, rail, infrastructure projects, transport industry, consumer products, life sciences, communications, semiconductor & electronics, software & internet services, banking & financial services. It has acquired Aricent Technologies Holdings Limited, Solcen Technologies Private Limited in 2020 & Altran Technologies India Pvt ltd in 2023 to get benefitted from their expertise and expand their horizon across the industry.

The IT industry is experiencing constant updates & new trends are emerging very often, making it a significant growing market across the borders. For instance, cloud technology which became essential product & will continue to expand in future has gradually become a foundation of digital transformation. The increasing demand for cloud services and infrastructure upgrading activities is significantly in driving the demand for managed IT services across the emerging market.

According to National Association of Software and Service Companies (NASSCOM), the Indian IT industry’s revenue touched USD 227 billion in FY22, is estimated to have touched USD 245 billion in FY23. Major IT industries revenue drives from their IT Outsourcing, Business Process Outsourcing, Other IT Services & IT consulting & implementation.


Capgemini SE is the ultimate parent company of Capgemini Technology Services India ltd.

Key Persons

Ashwin Yardi – Whole time Director & Chief Executive Officer

Sujit Sircar – Chief Financial Officer

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